Audiobook now available

Email came in today that Help Wanted, Call Loki is now available as an audiobook on Audible. Woo hoo!

I also have gotten in about half my writing for today. I hope to get the rest done. It really shouldn’t take me more than half an hour, especially with how fast I was writing earlier. The words are just flowing.

Of course, that can all change as fast as the weather. Today we had a blizzard (so much for the flurries they said we’re going to happen- no, it was a full-on white out for a bit), wind, sun, and more snow. I was out in it for a bit and I couldn’t pull my hood up, so I’m hoping I don’t end up sick from it. Brrrr. I miss the warm days we were having just this last weekend. Really, it was only like 2 days ago. Now it’s going to be a week before temps come back up.

Oh well. Gives me time to write. Otherwise, I’d be out doing artwork. (Grin)

Well, I want to go finish those words.