The hat is off

Third time starting this post tonight. I’m tired and my brain has surrendered already (grin).

The Jerome Music Booster Spring Craft Show was fun. I adore that I get to visit with so many people that I generally see at this show, both show-goers and vendors. But it exhausts me. Once I take off the hat, I’m ready to be my introverted self again.

Except tonight, my son, his girlfriend, and I went to see The Merchant of Venice at the college. Another well-done theater play, and it was packed. I was done by the time we got done.

I drove home as fast as I could, but some guy still wanted to be parked on my bumper. Boy, did he really not understand how much I could have used some S-P-A-C-E!!!

Speaking of space, I have often heard that we are entering a time in human history (again) where aliens will make their presence known. I have never doubted that we are not alone. (I mean, come on — the universe is so huge that our minds can’t even comprehend it, but we’re going to think for one instant that there is no other life out there, none at all, in something so big we can’t even understand it? Yeah, not buying it. Quite frankly, we better hope there’s life out there and that we can reach it somehow (generation ships) if we don’t stop killing the planet we’re on, but that’s another discussion.) I like that more and more military officials are speaking out on this and footage is being released. But, last night, I saw a commercial for the Space Force. Apparently it’s been a thing for a couple of years now. Maybe I’ve ignored it, thinking that it was just another Army or Air Force ad. I really didn’t think a Space Force was going to be imagined again after Reagan’s Star Wars program. I could go on because I have so many thoughts and questions about this, but not tonight.

And that’s why I say that my brain has surrendered. It’s done and will jump subjects faster than someone can say, “Squirrel!”

I’m going to go wind down now. This introvert needs some alone time to recharge.

Not sure that’s going to happen because Temmy is wild tonight. Lucky her got to sleep all day. Now she’s all zoomie and terrorizing. Even Merlin has gone to hide.