Free Fiction Day – Give Up the Ghost

For a lot of my early life, I wanted to be an archeologist. Well, more than an archeologist. I wanted to be an Egyptologist. Yes, I wanted to go find secret mummies.

I think I let my father convince me that there were no more good mysteries on this planet to go exploring.


I also had an interest in ghosts and paranormal phenomena. If someone had told me back then that I’d be living in a day and age of ghost hunters and strange phenomena investigations, I have asked where to sign up.

But in the years of retrospection I’ve had on these, I can finally say that I would have made a bad archeologist. I’ve always found my own theories more interesting to make up than what the reality is and what history was.

Now that I’m way older, getting spooked and scared doesn’t do much for me any more. Though I think that a few of the tv investigative teams really need a woman with some common sense to help them out (grin!).

But I have fun with playing with ideas in my stories. Give Up the Ghost is one of them about a woman who sees ghosts, but she is the unusual one to the ghosts.

I hope to have the paperback finished this weekend. But, for one week only, Give Up the Ghost is free to read on this website. (Update: the week went by and the story turned back into a pumpkin) Or give yourself plenty of time to peruse the pages by purchasing a copy through various online retailers using this link.


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