It was just a couple of touch-ups, I swear

I’m not sure what happened to the evening, but I’m pretty sure it evaporated when I went to make a couple touch-ups on the interior of Give Up the Ghost.

It was just supposed to be a couple changes, making sure that pages would go to the proper pages when I generated the print book. But then I realized that an ad really needed changed, and if I was going to update that one, then I should do that one as well. Then the paperback book was 2 pages to short (it has to be 24 pages minimum for printing on KDP), so then what do I add. Well, let’s change the excerpt.

And so it went and I went right down the rabbit hole with it.

Of course, changes like that mean that I have to update it across all the ebook distributing platforms. So, where is it listed at. Okay, now I’m seeing the need for having that listed as well in my book information.

I think I got it all done.

Don’t forget that for a very limited time, you can read it now here on my website.

I still have to do the paperback. At least I remembered to download the template while I was doing all this. Now, hopefully I won’t forget that I stored it in the usual location before I get to it this weekend and go to re-download it. That sounds like something I would do. (grin)