Chasing my tail

Today started out with a trip to the dentist. I know! What a way to start the day.

Fortunately, my trip was short and sweet. The dentist didn’t even have to numb me up to do the work that needed done. I’d caught a couple problems in time to have easy repairs.

But that seemed to (nearly) end my luck for the day.

I spent the rest of it having difficulties with everything I touched. All I can say is that it’s balance — balance in all things.

Since it put delays in my day, I couldn’t record audio like I originally planned, so I switched out my days to do some publishing today. I worked on creating a full cover and the layout for a short story.

I did also find my digital recorder which I’ve been looking for for several months. I don’t think I would have found it if I hadn’t had my difficulties today. So, more balance.

I just wish I could have gotten something done. It makes me feel like I’m chasing my tail. Now, I did get steps made forward, but it’s not the same as checking it off the list.

Maybe tomorrow.