Project notepad and more

This morning, after having an enlightening moment, I realized I really needed to make notes on where I stopped last night. Otherwise, I was going to have to figure out my place all over again when I started. Which was going to be particularly difficult because I’d already gotten myself confused with another project.

One project at a time, girl!

This is when it’s hard to be a one-person band. I’m juggling while beating my drum.

Time management is still definitely a work-in-process. I’m trying many things and seeing what works. Last week when I went to Staples, I found a notepad for keeping track of projects, including a spot for date, notes, tasks, and the title of the project. I couldn’t help but to grab one of these notepads to see what happens. If I like it, I’ll go get more. But, even if I use this one pad to keep track of writing (and/or audio projects), then it’ll be a while before I need more paper. Additionally, I think I’ll use it to get caught up on my websites and what I need to add.

I should have been working on that tonight, but I wanted to finish off one of those two projects I had tangled in my mind. I ended up getting good progress on both projects, finishing one and getting close enough on the other — and updating the notes for it. Still, it’s not what today was to be designated for. Oh well. Maybe I can find a block of time this weekend for what I was supposed to do.

All of it means more stories getting out to the world, one way or another.