Time? Where?

I just realized that on my calendar, I’ve been continuing my “fake” numbers in April. Just happily going along making a chain and completely oblivious that we’re in a new month.

I’m so silly sometimes. (grin)

Yep, that’s time in my mind. It just all flows together. I’ve never been good with the awareness of time. Not for lack of trying either.

Today, I’ve been trying to juggle a lot of things I need to get done before this weekend. Well, a couple tasks have to get done tonight! And, I’m trying to get all my words in so that they aren’t all waiting for me to get them written by Sunday. Especially since I spent earlier this week working on publishing items.

In case you’re wondering, Give Up the Ghost is now available in paperback.

Well, a few more things to get done, including about 400 more words, so I best be off.