Another paperback

The magical girl short story, Hot Yoga, will be out in paperback soon. I worked at getting that up today.

I’ve also been working on Arlyn’s story. It feels like slow going here and I know it’s just because I feel the ending coming up. I keep reminding myself to just have fun with it, but then I forget. It’s funny how this simple directive keeps slipping my mind. Worse, I’ll set the timer and then get distracted. I’ve lost quite a bit of time today just because I keep disengaging with the story and turn my attention to something else.

It’s silly, but I’m paying attention to it. Especially the contrast of whether I’m doing it intentionally or not. I’ve experienced both today. I lost 6 minutes out of one session today because I got up to make myself some hot chocolate, then got to playing with Merlin and Temmy. I was aware of the time as I made myself the drink, but completely forgot as I started to play with my pets. Other times, I’d forget that I’d started the time and then picked up my phone for some reason — like going out to find a door-sized gate so that I can keep Temmy out of my office since she likes to walk on the ceiling and sees ever barrier as a challenge instead of a way to keep her safe. Slowly, she is becoming more of a cat sleeping all the time, but when she is awake, she is an acrobatic hellion. Then, she’ll look at me and say, “Brrr?” as if she can’t understand why I don’t just let her go where ever she wants, whenever she wants. How can she possibly be in any trouble?

I still have a bit more to go in order to hit my word goal for the week, so I best get to it.