On the lookout again

I started the long slog of updating my website tonight.

I almost gave up before I started. Why? It seemed like an overwhelming task at just figuring out where I had left off and where I needed to start my updates. Yet, it was important that I jump in somewhere, so I did.

I can tell that I was trying to set up a system, but just didn’t keep it up. I’m not surprised. Are you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. (grin)

I remember that I’d tried to start a new project management program that would keep this system rolling for me, but it hasn’t worked out. I wish I could put my finger on what about that program wasn’t working for me, I just know that it feels too cumbersome. I feel like I could work on this faster with pen and paper. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to use a spreadsheet template. Yes, the template would be repeatable, but I could still go faster with a pen and a copy of a template form. But that’s not really what I want to do.

It’s got to be easy, adaptable, have a promising future so that I don’t lose the system in two or three years. There’s nothing more depressing as using an enjoyable system and then finding out it will no longer be supported. Pen, paper, and a filing system is obviously the most foolproof system in this regard.

Am I trying to talk myself into just making a physical system? Could be.

Then, part of me wonders if I need some sort of time system, like a Gantt chart, to keep me on track. I have to do something to keep myself scheduled and consistent. I don’t want this involved in the creative process; I will take as long on a story as I need. However, once it’s done and goes into publishing, that’s when I need to stay on task and make sure it goes through to completion.

Until I add something else, like finding a new distribution platform. That will be another adaptation point.

I guess it might be time to look around again and see if I can find something that will be a better fit than what I have now.

And I need more time in my night. I can’t believe how late it has become. Yep, me and time.