My front yard has now had its first mowing and watering for this year.

But I’m slowly losing another night.

I ordered more business cards and did some other important life activities. I haven’t gotten any writing done today. I’m working on that now. I’d really like to finish Arlyn’s book next week. At this moment, that feels like it’s going to take a huge push.

After I wrote last night’s blog, I realized that maybe I should be looking for a project manager system that works for people with ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD and I would not consider myself so, however, I do have many things going all at once and I run from project to project. If for some reason I have to sleep before finishing, I forget where I’m at (I’m so bad at this that I didn’t finish this sentence when I was originally writing it — I had a squirrel moment and moved on — it was only when I cycled back and re-read my blog that I realized that I didn’t complete my sentence. Yeah, that’s bad!). I’ve also discussed my issues with consistency here on the blog before — I have to do something everyday or that “something” doesn’t get done consistently. I play squirrel with myself all the time. So, a system that can change things up for me, keep it simple though engaged, that sounds like what I need. I was able to direct my search with these new parameters and I came up with a couple options.

Then it got very late while I researched. I did come up with an option, but I’m not sure of it yet. I haven’t had much time to try it out or play with it (read: break it – grin!). I also don’t know that it will do everything I want it to do, not that the program isn’t building – the programmers have a huge agenda, and they have a goal of being versatile and adaptable. So, I’ll give it a try. If it works well, I’ll let you know.

As for now, I probably should be moving on to getting some other writing done. Or (don’t quake at this thought) get to sleep on time tonight because that hasn’t happened this week.