Ready, set, write!

That’s been my night. I’ve been writing for my allotted time and done things like jogging in place and clearing out the dishwasher in-between sessions. Exciting, I know, right?

I did get lots of words done.

And about as many steps too.

Got the writing in. Took care of my health.

Oh, and I chased Temmy around for a bit. I was trying to teach her how to fetch. Problems with that are the fact that she’s only got one eye and often loses the jangle ball unless she can hear it as it rolls (and dang she’s got amazing vision and hearing all considering), and she’s a cat. Cats just don’t get fetch quite like a dog, I suspect. I thought we almost had it. I do believe she is smart enough to get it, if I could have her understand long enough to “get it.” Might be a lost cause.

Well, I’ve been very bad about getting in my evening tasks for a few weeks. Okay, since March. Maybe even as far back as February. I need to regain that consistency again. Silly, but true. So, I’m trying to get back on the horse there.

As for my app, I set up a few more items. I’m trying. Today, I might fail as much as I succeed but because I’m too lazy to go into my writing room. Not sure I can call it a writing room since at the moment I’m not writing in there. Strange, but I just don’t feel comfortable in there at the moment. I love my “office.” I don’t know why I’ve taken a sudden aversion to it, but I have.

I did get the next chapter of Dragons of Wellsdeep recorded. Plus I did punch ins. So, that was a win for my to-do list.

My time is up and I’m really determined to have a not-so-bloody-late bedtime tonight. This week has gotten away from me. (grin) I blame my weekend naps.