Two hours of peace

Temmy is hidden away in a box sleeping right now. I hear her snoring very softly with a sound like a hiccup at the end.

She had another rough day after now getting the box yesterday.

I’d gone out to breakfast with my son and his girlfriend — our bike-to-breakfast routine — and when we got done, I ran to the pet store to get some things for Prancer this next week. At the pet store, they were doing a vaccine clinic. With Prancer joining the family, Temmy’s past health issues, and a few other items over the next couple of weeks, I thought it might be good to get Temmy in for some vaccinations. So, I ran home to get her. Merlin hadn’t gone on the first trip, so I took him too.

Temmy howled the whole way, so much so that Merlin looked over the back seat (at that point I had Temmy in the back of the Xterra in her carrier) just to see if Temmy was okay. He was highly concerned about her.

She got very quiet, but curious, when I took her into the pet store. I kind of wonder if it smelled familiar to her since she spent quite a bit of time there before I adopted her. I really do feel like she remembered being there. Again, she was quiet, but she definitely wanted to take a look around.

We got her shots.

And then we were on the way again. I still had to go shopping since my trip got cut short earlier. So, I headed to the store. When I came back, Merlin didn’t start to bark until I got right up to the car. He’d been in the front seat (I now had Temmy in her carrier in the passenger seat) and I think he’d been keeping an eye on her making sure she was okay. I’m sure she told him all about her traumatic experience.

She only let out a couple of howls on the way home. She did like it when I’d talk to her and she’d watch me closely from that one eyes of hers. I think she was glad I was still there. We got home and for the next two hours, she followed me around and stayed near me, not wanting me to hold her, but just to be close. And she slept some. That was a brilliant two hours of peace.

Then, she was up to trying to climb on everything again and I was chasing her off.

I suspect she probably won’t feel too well though the night. I don’t think she ate even though she went back to the food when I put it out. She turned and walked out. I’d think that she didn’t feel well right now, and I’m sure she doesn’t, but she nearly always sleeps when I start my blog, then wakes up about the time I’m finishing to resume getting into trouble before bedtime. Ah, yes, there she is awake and bathing herself now. Well, that was another nice half an hour of peace. (grin)

I got my Morning Sky Studios website all updated during those two hours of peace. I think all my titles are up there now. I rearranged a few things, just to spiffy it all up a bit.

I’d planned to do so much more, but Temmy’s health had to be given some priority. I’m sure that tomorrow she’ll be back to her spunky little nut self.