Next up?

I feel the next idea brewing.

I’m not quite done with Arlyn’s book, but I feel the new one rushing toward me with the same enthusiasm with Arlyn’s did. I feel like they are related stories too, but I might have to start this one in order to finish Arlyn’s. I can’t quite help but feel there’s a piece I’m missing.

I do have to say that at the moment it’s got me a little frustrated.

Or that could be lack of sleep last night. I was worried about Temmy not feeling well, so I kept checking on her — she was fine, just sleeping deeply, which was probably expected after her day yesterday. When I was asleep, I had stupid strange dreams. No old house dreams this time, but I had one a few nights ago so I probably won’t have another for a while. Although strangely enough, this last old house dream didn’t start off that way. It was actually a house that was built in the 70’s (which considering the age of most of my old house dreams, actually made this a new house dream – grin). I didn’t realize it was an old house dream until I walked into one of the rooms and found the ceiling caved in from a recent rain. It was the only room in the house that showed signs of damage. Other than that, the house was pristine.

Anyway, enough old house dreams. Last night was none of that, thank goodness. Or at least not that I remember. Just work dreams. So when I woke up, I already felt like I’d spent a whole day. I really needed it to be the weekend. How I disappointed myself in reminding me that it was only Monday.

I found the strength to get up, even though Temmy would have certain been glad if I stay — another sign she still wasn’t feeling up to par. She’s running around and playing with toys now. A little slower than normal, but at least she’s moving. She even let me hold her for a bit, so she’d definitely coming around.

It was as I was getting ready for work that I realized what piece I was missing. I have two books where I could explore this — starts that I need to pick up and continue. So, I wonder if I’ll be using one or both of them, or if something else is crawling up to come out. It could be anything hiding in the shadows right now I just feel it watching me from the shadows, lurking.

I don’t have the energy to explore it tonight. I wish I did, but maybe if I round it in now, I can make an early morning. That’s probably something I should start doing.

Merlin agrees. He says he ready for his treat and bed. He swears he’s been a good dog.

He might be right.