Prancer in the house

Getting up and writing in the morning always sounds like a good idea until it’s actually morning.

Yeah, so that’s me admitting that I didn’t get around to writing. I did get up and I did work on audio editing for a bit, but I just wasn’t in the mindset to write, especially with what I knew I needed to be doing in the evening.

So, I decided to do what I was going to do in the evening… which was get the backroom setup for Prancer.

I got that done and invited her into the house.

She hasn’t been perfectly happy in the house. She really wants to explore more and has tried to break into the other room where I was once. And there was a period of meowing. But she, for the most part, has settled in. She knows where her food is. She used the litter box. And she knew where her bed was. That’s her curled up into it above. Most of the other cats don’t like the rose bed. In fact, it was so hated after I bought it that I almost returned it. I never did, and occasionally I’ll find Coville curled up in it, but that’s only if it’s already in his chair. Can you feel his eye roll?

Prancer did go out with me once today when I took Merlin out. I carried her back into the house just because I was afraid she wouldn’t come with me. She didn’t resist. In fact, she seemed to expect it.

Temmy is getting along well. She wants a new friend. Bella hates the idea (no surprise there!). Coville keeps looking at me like, “Don’t you know how old I am? You can’t go moving my litter and food now. How am I supposed to find it?” Yeah, don’t fall for it. I showed him where his food was. Literally took him to it. He even jumped up where I have it (because I have to keep it out of Merlin’s reach, which is why it’s normally in the gated back room with access over the gates for the cats) and he ate quite a bit this afternoon. But, when it was dinnertime, he made a run for the back room and ended up with Prancer. He was not happy and there was lots of hissing.

So here’s a picture of Temmy and Prancer:

See Temmy be blurry as she jitters with excitement. See Prancer be in focus as she is a very still cat. It truly shows both their sides. I suspect Prancer will appreciate just lying around and spending her days in leisure while Temmy continues being hellion cat getting into everything. We’ll see what happens though.

My day starts early tomorrow with taking Prancer to the vet. After that, we’ll see how it goes. Now, I must really go and get some words done.


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