I speak often in my books about the Humline. So, what is this Humline?

Right now, my house is very quiet. The pets are (once again) asleep or very close. Merlin snores near my feet and Temmy is snoring in her perch. I hear these things. There’s birds outside my house that I hear chirping in the evening. A motorcycle roars down the street a few blocks away. A little closer, someone’s idle engine gives a purr-like growl.

Beneath that all that, in what is probably a near silence most people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy these days in the bustle of life, I hear what sounds like road noise. I often wonder if I can actually hear the trucks on the highway or if it’s something else. Sometimes, I can even hear trains on the tracks. That sound always takes me back to my childhood. I would often hear the train in the distance then. But even back then, I would hear that low rumble like tires on the road.

When I listen and grab onto that sound, holding so tightly to it that it fills my ears and head, I start to feel an energy vibrating through it. When I close my eyes, I can see it — a bright, blazing blue or sometimes green line that looks like a cardiac waveform. When I close my eyes to listen to it and I watch it, I feel myself expand outward. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like I have a physical body any more. That is the Humline.

It’s literally the energy of the planet which runs through everything.

Sometimes, the Humline begs me to sing with it. I hum along to it, feeling the rhythm. The tune does change (I feel this is akin to the mood of the planet at that moment). But let me tell you that it is a powerful vibration to be tuned into and chanting along with.

So when one of my characters reaches out to touch the Humline, I imagine them hearing that vibration like road noise and then listening to the sound just beyond that. When you get there, its almost like having a zinging sensation in your ears.

There does live something in the silence.


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