Pulling the threads to tie

Words are coming slowly tonight. In about half an hour, I’ve written almost 200. Yep, that’s slow.

But, I’m heading into the climax of Arlyn’s book. Everything is rounding to this moment. It’s like a rollercoaster where it feels like it just keeps making this long, slow climb, and any moment you know you will crest and the downhill will be come. You’ll zip around twists and turns as you race to the end of the ride.

I anticipate this moment in my books. For as much as the beginnings take me by storm and I write in a flurry, I know the approach to the climax will slow me down. I’ve had a wonderful journey up to the moment and now it is time to begin pulling in the all the threads and tying them off.

Well, I should get back to it. I really want to finish this story this weekend so I can move onto the next.


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