If only…

I was finally getting around to watching The Greatest Showman when I noticed what I first thought to be hummingbirds out by my white lilac tree. I saw a hummer a couple mornings ago at my tree with the little yellow flowers, so I jumped up to get check out the bird.

I quickly realized that there wasn’t just one. I had about four or five out there. And, they were’t hummingbirds. They were way too small. After watching for a moment, I realized they had to be large moths. I do believe these are hawk moths.

By the time I got outside to take a picture, I only had four of them at the tree and one quickly flew off. After a couple of pictures, another flew away. The last two were still out there enjoying themselves when I headed back into the house.

After doing some research, I realized that I’d often seen their caterpillar form around. I usually find them and move them someplace safer because they’d picked a bad spot to be at that moment.

Moths are a sign of transformation and good energy coming. What started last night in my mood continued today. I did really appreciate the quote at the end of the movie. It just wasn’t enough to chase away the feelings for too long. So, seeing the moths really makes me hope that I am changing for the better here. To see so many of them has to mean something, right? I know the answers are inside of me, not out. I don’t need external validation; only a decision to be made by me. One would think that it wouldn’t be hard. Yet, in every life change, something must be sacrificed.

I just have to choose what makes me happy.

Easy as that, right?


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