Dream journal?

Because of my day tomorrow, I must not linger tonight. I just hope I can sleep. I’m terrified of waking up at 2 in the morning because I’ve thrown myself off schedule and not being able to sleep.

Oh well. If that happens, I’ll deal with it.

I wish I was getting more writing done. Heck, I wish I was getting some more painting done. I’ve been wrangling my brain over that I think I have a solution. But at the moment, because of all the plans for this week, I’m not feeling like putting out paints until next week. I do hate it when life feels like hurry-up-and-wait.

Ah well… what can I do about that?

So, let’s go see if I can make sleep come. Maybe tonight I won’t be having the crazy dreams I’ve been having lately. My middle aged brain is really going off on some strange tangents. Fortunately, I can’t remember much about the dreams themselves other than, “Holy cow, that was weird. Now go back to sleep and don’t do that again.” Then, it’s off into more strangeness. Maybe I really need to start a dream journal, or leave the microphone on for my sleep app and just give myself a sleepy summary of the dream.


Well, maybe. Something could work into a story. (grin)


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