Riding Thunder

It has definitely been a long day.

I got up at 5:00 a.m so that I could drive for training in Boise. Trained, then I went to dinner with my son. That was fun — the dinner, although we did share a lot of laughs during the training. Dinner was also very good. I now have leftovers in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night. We ran a couple of errands and took a walk around the riverside park. Lots of rainbow trout in the pond and streams. Then, I drove home. Pets were glad to see me because that meant it was there dinnertime, finally.

Now, I’m ready to go to sleep. My watch keeps reminding me it’s time to wind down. Yeah, that happened about half an hour ago, but I was still on the road then.

I missed getting words done because I forgot my recorder. I had my mic, but the recorder didn’t make it out with me. So, no dictation today. That’s going to put me behind since I knew I wouldn’t have time to write words today. I get to bore you so that I can hopefully get enough it. Although, with my mind half asleep, maybe this would be a good time to go get Arlyn’s story in. If only I didn’t have to get up in the morning.

But, I will take this moment to tell you about a new short story I do have out: Riding Thunder. Although I haven’t said as much, it is in the same “universe” as Oxygen and is mean to be a bit of a spooky story. Someday, I will get to tying it all together and readers will see where it’s all going. I suppose I should decide if Give Up the Ghost is also part of this — that could add an interesting twist to the story I want to tell. Hmmm…. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, I suggest the first two. The third is just a cute little piece which got to highlight some of my trip to Lincoln City. I actually started thinking about this piece as I wandered around a few years ago, but I had to write Mystery of the Stardust Monk first.

Well, I must really go get some sleep, plus Prancer has now jumped the back gate and is wandering around. That will need fixing first.


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