Streak broken

Well, dang.

Since my migraine wiped me out yesterday, I had been thinking that I would be kind to myself and slide words from the day before to yesterday to recover. I’ve done that a few times when things go astray, like when I was knocked down due to the COVID vaccines. Better to slide some words or even make up for them than to be completely unkind to myself and force me to get them done when my body is just not feeling up to it.

However, because of training the day before and not getting home until late from that, I didn’t write enough words the day before to slide them. If I did that, I wouldn’t have enough words for either day. So, I think I must call defeat on this one.

On the bright side, now I have a new streak to beat, which is 880 days. And knowing that I have a very long streak to beat, I will be more inspired to stay on it if I get close to failing someday after I really get the streak going again.

Knowing what the next few days are going to be like, I might be okay with having a bumpy start to restarting the streak. I was already wondering how I would keep up or if it was going to get broken. Guess that now it is, I can relax a bit until life returns to normal. And, if I do manage to restart and keep the streak over the next few days, I’ll feel even that much better about it.

My blog, however, might be kind of light, especially if I am squeezing words in in-between everything going on.

Well, much to do still tonight.


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