About Dawn Blair

Dawn BlairI was four when my mother asked me the question, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” I instantly answered, “The nest.” While it’s always been my mother’s favorite ancedote about her “outside-of-the-box” thinking daughter, I’ve come to realize over the years that there’s a a common groundwork bringing us together that we cannot do without.

Just what is it about a painting that inspires us to walk into the canvas to explore the landscape?

That mysterious, captivating element is “story.” You have your story and I have mine. What wonderful tales we each possess.

Paintings, photography, graphic novels, and written words are the realm in which I work and explore. Born in my heart and visioned upon paper or canvas with paint, ink, sweat, tears, and passion, I bring these stories to share with you. In my art, I seek to uplift and inspire you to fulfill your adventure, whatever that may be.

View my art online at Morning Sky Studios or at one of the various art festivals I attend each year. My newsletter which you can sign up for on the Morning Sky Studios’ website provides more details about where you can meet me.

I’ve won several awards for painting and photography, including Best of Color Photography in the professional division for a local contest. Publications include articles for special-interest newsletters and a story in Turtle Magazine for Preschool Children. I made my first international painting sale in 2008.

Join me in the world of possiblities. Awaken to the eternal beauty of the limitless universe. Seek out its virtue and nobility. From the stars to the trees, let the creative energy fill you and guide you. Together we’ll walk these ethereal landscapes.

3 thoughts on “About Dawn Blair

  1. I love the way you introduce yourself here and I love the ”world of possibilities”! I’ve seen your comment over at Walt’s about different paths and I guess he’s right indeed. Now, time-wise, I know it’s very challenging but one has to try, right? “See” you at Walt’s ? Lol Oh and good luck with your art!!!

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