In addition

I'm thinking a timer -- a digital one, not the one on my phone -- might be something I need to help me be more productive. If I know that I only have 5, 10, or 17 minutes, it's amazing how productive I can be. I just sit down and get it done. If I … Continue reading In addition


I’m going to have to break down and get a new publishing computer I think. Argh. It feels like I’m always buying computers. Our I’m going to need to rethink what I do have (which is probably what I’ll do). But, my Surface has been with me for a long time. At first, i thought … Continue reading Computers


I woke this morning with an old project on my mind. As I was thinking about a direction I could take with it, it got my braining thinking about business. Once I was on that tangent, I was off. I spent a lot of the day thinking about the structure of everything I have going … Continue reading Tangents