The hat is off

Third time starting this post tonight. I'm tired and my brain has surrendered already (grin). The Jerome Music Booster Spring Craft Show was fun. I adore that I get to visit with so many people that I generally see at this show, both show-goers and vendors. But it exhausts me. Once I take off the … Continue reading The hat is off

Gem State Comic Con

Today was day one of Gem State Comic Con. It was a lot of fun. Even my little Loki made some new friends- pictured above. Then, my family went out to see the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Sleep now. Day Two goes from 10-4 tomorrow out at the Boise fairgrounds. Cheers!

Slow rowing

More ACEO's painted today. That's a picture of them above. Also got the car packed for this weekend's show. Hoping that tomorrow I can catalog and varnish the paintings I have done so that they can go into the box for this show. It's not a whole lot, but with luck I will have even … Continue reading Slow rowing