My goodness

It was one last bike ride, then off for home. A tree I took a picture of today. They pose so well, don’t you think? The drive home was mostly uneventful. Thank goodness. What I did come home too was a garden nearly overgrown. Spaghetti squash that were just tiny little things were now huge. … Continue reading My goodness

Lotus in Idaho

My son and I went for a bike ride this morning before it got hot. Here we are together. We rode down to the Albertson park. I took pictures of several cool trees while we were there, trees that needed my attention. I also discovered they have lotuses there. I saw some when I went … Continue reading Lotus in Idaho

Progress – 06/19/17

Fiction words written last week: 13.243 words Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,021 words Writing month to date total: 32,296 words Writing year to date total: 165,514 words. Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches painted. Illustration year to date total: 131.25 square inches. Audio: I spent 7.5 hours editing  audio. Week's happenings:  This last couple of weeks have been amazing for writing. I … Continue reading Progress – 06/19/17