Lean back, tip head down

Everything I've tried to write tonight has turned to mud in my hands (so to speak). I give up. So, I'm going to leave this here and get on with my evening. Instead of fighting the nature of the day which has left me feeling immobile, I'll just lean into it. Cheers.

Last minute

Working on my book today. Doing this to keep the streak. Currently at 515 days, but I’m seriously considering cutting back so I have more time to write my stories. Maybe it’s just my mood right now. Streak continues. Now, back to the story. Cheers.

100 Days

***Trumpets blowing loudly*** Yes, that's right. I have been blogging for 100 days in a row now. For me, that is a huge accomplishment. I am the type of person who once I set my mind to do something, I do it. However, consistency has never been my thing. I let myself get weak and … Continue reading 100 Days

Filler post

I couldn’t believe how tired and sore I was when I got up today. I guess I must have been at it harder than I thought. Anyway, I’m writing this as a filler post because I’m trying to keep my blogging streak going, but I’m just not up to being lively right now. Tomorrow will … Continue reading Filler post