Drove to Boise and back today. I was hoping to see some friends along the way, but they couldn’t make the event. I did gain my son along the way. We went to dinner at Big Jud’s. It’s a burger joint near the college. I’ve heard about it from a couple people but never gone … Continue reading Boise

Zoo pictures

I promised some photos from the zoo. Do you know whose tongue that is in the photo above? Is it an ape? Here’s me hanging with a gorilla. Is it a lion? Here’s me hanging with a lion. Okay, aside from crawling through a tunnel too, I did more than hang out at the kids’ … Continue reading Zoo pictures


Because I left very early this morning, I was able to make it all the way home tonight. The pets are happy I’m home. I think Adrian is happy to be relieved of his pet-sitting duties too. I did stop in Boise to visit Kevin. I was pretty tired by the time I got there, … Continue reading Home

Blue skies

On my way to Washington Summer Con. Stopped by to see my son this evening. We stepped out to go for a walk and the sky was as blue as you see it in the picture. I’m glad I snapped it fast because that color didn’t last long. Time to get some sleep before I … Continue reading Blue skies