I took a look today at how far behind I have gotten with my publishing. I have several short stories out that are only in electronic (and some in audio too) form. I also have a whole bunch that need to either be out "in the mail" submitting for magazines or published. That doesn't even … Continue reading Awareness

Going for a win

Tonight, I formatted the Help Wanted, Call Loki cover for the audiobook. Then I started setup on the distribution platforms and that's when I started running into issues. I thought I'd download reports and start running them through my Power Queries for my bookkeeping. That's when I found out that I needed to learn how … Continue reading Going for a win


It's been a day of getting my tooth fixed and bookkeeping. Fortunately, the tooth wasn't as bad as I was afraid it was going to be. My wonderful dentist didn't even have to numb me in order to fix it. Woo hoo! He did say I had a good chunk out of it though. Feels … Continue reading Alas

The basics

"Don't become good at something you don't want to do." That's an anonymous quote I've run into twice lately. The universe is trying to tell me something. And, it's too late. At first when I ran into this quote this morning, I got a little upset. I've become good at bookkeeping and I felt for … Continue reading The basics