Garden planted

A whirlwind afternoon and not exactly the grand adventure I had planned when I got up this morning. But still a good day. My son called me just after noon and asked if I wanted him and his girlfriend to come help plant the garden. Problem was that I had the car scheduled for an … Continue reading Garden planted

Sleep energy rising

Snoring behind me. Rhythmic gasps of contentment. Suck the air, a reverse whistle. Asleep beside me. A soft face. Silent anxiety, ready to move. Asleep in another room. Two nestled together. A boy and his dog. Asleep a ways off. Curled in contentment. A dark shadow, hiding in the night. Awake in the chair. Finishing … Continue reading Sleep energy rising

Trust in action

I’m very happy and excited to be writing Arlyn’s story. After I finished writing my blog a few nights ago when I mentioned that I was at a hard spot, I started considering the world and the characters. The world at this time is one without magic. There’s a secret organization struggling to survive. Mysteries … Continue reading Trust in action

Cats awake

Coville hasn’t been feeling well the last few days. My beautiful black cat is 16 years old, so it’s not surprising. But when he starts acting like this, he wants to sleep on me, not just near me. This last week, he’s wanted to cuddle under the blankets too. He woke me up at 3 … Continue reading Cats awake

On the move

Before you ask, yes, Coville walked across me this morning. I slept in and he was not pleased with me. But I still got audio editing done and I mastered the next three chapters of Help Wanted, Call Loki. The snow wasn't bad this morning and had melted off by the time I was ready … Continue reading On the move