So much for resetting today. I'm dragging pretty badly. I did get all my words in yesterday, but that meant I had to stay up longer. And it seemed like I kept coming up short. There is nothing worse than knowing you need 50 more words and being so tired that words are just hard. … Continue reading Dragging

The end

Those are words I don’t often write.Today, it feels kind of right. January is over. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. At the moment, I don’t have energy to write more. I’m hoping I can get recharged by tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be warmer too. We’re in single digits right now. That means … Continue reading The end

Cold toes

I always hear people say that they don't like the cold, that they can always put on more clothes for warmth but that they can't take their skin off in order to cool down. Personally, I don't like to be a stuffed sausage, and that's what I feel like when I have several layers of … Continue reading Cold toes

Fighting hydras

Today was a day of slaying monsters. Hydras that would regrow its heads to be exact. I felt bounced from one to another then back again. I’d tackle one and another would appear. Finally, I came to the big boss monster, took a deep breath, and conquered it. There are still many more monsters out … Continue reading Fighting hydras