Sleep energy rising

Snoring behind me. Rhythmic gasps of contentment. Suck the air, a reverse whistle. Asleep beside me. A soft face. Silent anxiety, ready to move. Asleep in another room. Two nestled together. A boy and his dog. Asleep a ways off. Curled in contentment. A dark shadow, hiding in the night. Awake in the chair. Finishing … Continue reading Sleep energy rising

On the move

Before you ask, yes, Coville walked across me this morning. I slept in and he was not pleased with me. But I still got audio editing done and I mastered the next three chapters of Help Wanted, Call Loki. The snow wasn't bad this morning and had melted off by the time I was ready … Continue reading On the move

Pet siblings

Above is a picture of Merlin when he was a puppy and we'd just brought him home. It had been a long ride and several days of strange places. Now, he was at another strange place. That was over 11 years ago. Merlin and I had a long night last night. He's definitely not feeling … Continue reading Pet siblings

Morning routine

No, this isn't some high-achiever's "you've got to do this in the morning if you want to succeed" post. I find most of those completely unrealistic for my life anyway. I've come to see that it takes me a good half an hour to reach wakefulness, and that my circadian rhythms are strong these days. … Continue reading Morning routine