Still outlining

I'm still working on the outline for the first book in the three book series I'm working on. Since I'm reading the draft that I originally wrote a few years ago, it's exciting to see what I was building. I'm dropping back into the story and I'm finding it fun to do this exploring. There's … Continue reading Still outlining

Finish line!

The last day to get things accomplished. Some things didn't get done, but everything that needed done was finished. I hope my garden makes it through. I still hope to get a couple more weeks out of it even though I can feel the weather cooling down. I'm not ready for winter. I'd be happy … Continue reading Finish line!

Broken quiet

Desperately trying to write my blog for the day. Two hours I've sat here. Researching - what do I write about tethered with "OMG, my life is so boring." Eating honey gram crackers - I am blessed, doubly so because Merlin wants half of my gram crackers. When Kreeli wakes up to the sound of … Continue reading Broken quiet