Second Tuesday?

Remember Tuesday where I didn't get much done? Yeah, today is being like that again. Except right now I have no energy to even try to do anything. Ugh. Note the lack of an exclamation point. At some point, I must get enough energy to go write my words. I've reached my daily word goal … Continue reading Second Tuesday?


Last week was an interesting one. On many levels. Firstly, I signed up for lifetime access to a bunch of learning materials for writers. I have only had a chance to watch part of the "Fear" videos -- what, me? Fear? OMG, yes, I do have some! -- and in that time I've already doubled … Continue reading Joyful

Progress – 08/07/17

Okay, I'm actually a day behind here. More below. Fiction words written last week: 4,431 words Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,054 words Writing month to date total: July finished with 39,212 words, August is currently at 4,018 words Writing year to date total: 230,447 words. Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches and no sketching either Audio: I spent 5 … Continue reading Progress – 08/07/17