Paw prints

I got out early and did some more shopping. When I got home, the cute little paw prints you see in the picture above were on my porch. It’s not from one of my cats. I do think Bella was outside while I’d gone shopping, but her feet are a bit larger than this. If … Continue reading Paw prints

Getting ready

I spent part of the day getting ready for the holiday. My youngest son came home for the weekend and we’re all getting together on Sunday. But leave it to me to get ready at the last moment. That’s my life. My boys used to hate it when I’d get ready for a show because … Continue reading Getting ready

Pet siblings

Above is a picture of Merlin when he was a puppy and we'd just brought him home. It had been a long ride and several days of strange places. Now, he was at another strange place. That was over 11 years ago. Merlin and I had a long night last night. He's definitely not feeling … Continue reading Pet siblings

Wrought iron

I love wrought iron. If you've ever read any of my books, you'll see a lot of wrought iron. Sometimes I feel that when my creative brain asks, "What is that made of?" with "that" being any stationary object in a the book (a bench, a staircase, a desk, etc.), the first thing that jumps … Continue reading Wrought iron

The visit

My oldest son came home today for a short visit. Surprise! I'd gone to the back of the house and was lost in thought when Merlin started barking. Since he barks at everything, I figured that one of my neighbors had come home (or was leaving) and making a lot of noise. But then Merlin's … Continue reading The visit