Chasing my tail

Today started out with a trip to the dentist. I know! What a way to start the day. Fortunately, my trip was short and sweet. The dentist didn't even have to numb me up to do the work that needed done. I'd caught a couple problems in time to have easy repairs. But that seemed … Continue reading Chasing my tail

Missing pieces

Gohaldinest is my city in Tangled Magic and Walk the Path. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. In Arlyn's time, Gohaldinest is supposed to be a myth, and yet I find myself making coy references to it in Arlyn's story. In a way, it's frustrating me. I feel like there's more to this … Continue reading Missing pieces

Pale yellow

Audio files have been submitted. Now, a short wait until Help Wanted, Call Loki is out. It did, however, make several hours of this evening disappear. I can’t say that I’m ready for sleep tonight even though I’m tired. I had this disarming dream about helping out with the cleaning and sorting of this house … Continue reading Pale yellow

Gem State Comic Con

Today was day one of Gem State Comic Con. It was a lot of fun. Even my little Loki made some new friends- pictured above. Then, my family went out to see the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Sleep now. Day Two goes from 10-4 tomorrow out at the Boise fairgrounds. Cheers!