For two days, Temmy has not been completely obnoxious. She’s been acting more like a cat than a toddler. Dare I hope that I am beyond the wild kitten phase? Oh, she still arched her back, curled her tail, and ran like a psycho through the house a couple of times. And she had a … Continue reading Shifts

Deleting lines

I still have two Covid tests beside me. I decided to wait until this morning to see how I felt since that would tell me whether it was stress or if I really was getting sick. Stress. I'm much less stressed about it now. I pulled weeds in my garden tonight. That probably helped too. … Continue reading Deleting lines

Long day

It's not a full moon, but it certainly feels like one. Maybe it's because Temmy got me up at 5:30 this morning. Now, she's got the zoomies. Do you think I'll get to sleep tonight? I do hope she settles down. It's been a long day, but the garden is now watered, I've had dinner, … Continue reading Long day