Not too long ago, I showed a picture from my sketchbook of the main character of my Sacred Knight series, Steigan. A few nights ago I was flipping through my sketchbook again and came across a picture that reminds me of Ithanes. Ah, Ithanes! He doesn't come into the story until book 2, Manifest the … Continue reading Ithanes

Talking Heads

As I'm finishing up with Prince of the Ruined Land, I've only had a couple moments to work on my comics. When I went to open up the next page I'd sketched out some time ago, I got the very laughable reminder that sometimes things just don't work out. I opened up this page and … Continue reading Talking Heads

Sketchbook – Keteria

Well, the last queen of Lilinar doesn't look so crazy here. I wonder if this is when she's happy with Steigan before he breaks her heart, or when she sees him again in Dubinshire? Strangely, I hadn't even planned either of those events when I drew this sketch.