Sissy fight

I finished dealing with the cell phone madness today. I swear, all the companies fight with each other like sissies just slapping at each other. None of them play well together and the whole thing is a stupid game. If I was a maker of a cell phone, it would piss me off. Fortunately, we … Continue reading Sissy fight


It seemed like a breath. It was there and then gone again. A ghost? Could it be something real? Just a moment of emotion. How could one tell if it was there or not. There, here, anywhere. A doubt? Was it just imagination? Just a laugh on the wind. It seemed like a heartbeat. It … Continue reading There

Story inklings

As if I needed anything else, I "downloaded" another story idea today. And it's a good one. Or at least I think so. I've spent the day doing personal errands, taking care of business, running around, shopping, more bookkeeping, etc. Oh, and I finished weeding the garden. And watered my lawn since cabling is being … Continue reading Story inklings