Almost writing

Today has been strange and it’s thrown off my groove. Because of that, I thought I’d start off with my blog and prime the pump, so to speak. Is it working? So far, no (grin). I made the mistake of turning on the tv for noise while I write, but I’m being distracted and watching … Continue reading Almost writing

Trust in action

I’m very happy and excited to be writing Arlyn’s story. After I finished writing my blog a few nights ago when I mentioned that I was at a hard spot, I started considering the world and the characters. The world at this time is one without magic. There’s a secret organization struggling to survive. Mysteries … Continue reading Trust in action

No time tonight

I spent every moment tonight writing. Still not quite done, and I’m kind of wondering if there’s actually more story. Maybe that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet on the ending. I’m waiting to see if the story tells me there’s more that I need to go back for. There’s been a couple paragraphs which … Continue reading No time tonight

Last chapter

I’m now into the last chapter of my drummer book. The last few nights have been 400 words at a time, but I’m almost there. It just proves that repeated baby steps can really move one along. It’s not fast, but it’s getting down the road. Strangely enough, my character is currently on the road. … Continue reading Last chapter

Not so fast

I’m finding myself getting in a rush to finish my drummer book. It’s hard, but I’m trying to pull the reins slowly. I know that I really need to practice endings. Well, that’s actually what I’ve been practicing on in several stories, but this one I’m trying to practice appropriate length of endings. I always … Continue reading Not so fast