Winter Delight

Another week, another student work painting from Painting Basics by Jerry Yarnell. I was worried about the sky again since my last couple haven't been that successful. However, this one seemed to work out well. I was actually happy with it, though I kept reminding myself of Jerry's saying of, "Don't piddle, play, or putter." … Continue reading Winter Delight


I finished working on my waterfall painting and I got to comparing my other waterfall paintings. Wow, what a progression. I thought I'd share them with you. This one was my very first painting. I was working from a Bob Ross tutorial and had one happy accident too many and ended up with a completely … Continue reading Evolution

Pain and envy

Yes, I envy the artist that can paint and write a blog post every day, or nearly every day. I swore I would try harder, but somehow the universe is fighting against me. If 2009 continues to go like it has so far, I vote that it be tanked and we move onto 2010. On … Continue reading Pain and envy


I have to admit that when I signed up for Twitter, I wasn't sure about it, wasn't sure if I'd like it. I mean, really, how interesting is my life and what I do. However, I've already met some really interesting people and it's been awesome interacting with them, getting insights into their lives. It's … Continue reading Twitter