Much done

I have been extraordinarily busy today, but laundry and dishes are done, the car is washed, tomatoes are blanched and frozen, Merlin's dog house has been put back together, pine needles are partially raked from my yard, and I've made the eggplant recipe I've been craving for days with leftovers for tomorrow. Yeah, I'm tired … Continue reading Much done

Good vibes

Still writing on my phone, but I wanted to show Loki enjoying a moment with R2-D2. They were hanging together. Yeah, it’s been a fun con so far. Once again, I’m meeting lots of great artists and having a blast. There’s always so much to see. Also had some good coffee from Good Vibes Espresso … Continue reading Good vibes

Vivid dreams

I sometimes have very vivid dreams. Lately, my dreams become very strange and sometimes horrific, but thankfully I don't remember them these days. It's strange because I'm used to remembering my dreams. Plus, these ones are almost lucid. I'm very aware in them and I've even tried to trigger myself to remember them in a … Continue reading Vivid dreams