Kickstarter done!

I got out the two final stories which were stretch goals for my Stonecharmer Kickstarter campaign. Ring of Stars also went out to my Patreon backers at the Loki Love and Everything levels. It feels really good to have that done. I probably shouldn't have painted this evening, but I did before getting to work … Continue reading Kickstarter done!

Nearly there

I finished the map today for Sword and Shield. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the story is now ready to go. Release date is February 22, 2022! In case you were wondering. I hope to have some links gathered by tomorrow, but for now, you can read the first chapter here. Also, … Continue reading Nearly there

A long time coming

A long time ago, chapters were posted on my blog every week. They have all since been pulled down and the novel completed. It is much different than what was here. Now, Palladium is available as a finished novel. © Rodjulian | © Xneo |© Gualtiero Boffi | I do have to send a shout-out to Amazon customer support. Vella ended up … Continue reading A long time coming