Hot Yoga

I have a new short story available. It's called Hot Yoga. Apparently this is a thing. Hot yoga that is. People go in to do yoga in a warm, humid environment. This story was triggered when I was driving home from work last year and saw the sign. Now, the place had been open for … Continue reading Hot Yoga


I received my books today for The Stardust Collection and Dragons of Wellsdeep as well as copies of others I'd run out of. Funny think is that I remember Quest for the Three Books being much thicker than it is. I wonder if something got changed. It was just strange. But, the size of it … Continue reading Books

Better late

I'd hoped to have this book out last year. Then it became April of this year. Then July. Then September. Yeah, not all of it was me, but some of it was. At last, I just had to knuckle down on this book and get it out. I decided it was the best I could … Continue reading Better late