I've been binge watching The Handmaid's Tale today while doing laundry, painting, and drawing today. I thought I was going to finish up on my project today, but I decided to do more with it. There are still a couple final things to do, but that will come. Yet, I feel my time running out. … Continue reading Lateness


I woke this morning with an old project on my mind. As I was thinking about a direction I could take with it, it got my braining thinking about business. Once I was on that tangent, I was off. I spent a lot of the day thinking about the structure of everything I have going … Continue reading Tangents

Slow rowing

More ACEO's painted today. That's a picture of them above. Also got the car packed for this weekend's show. Hoping that tomorrow I can catalog and varnish the paintings I have done so that they can go into the box for this show. It's not a whole lot, but with luck I will have even … Continue reading Slow rowing