Continued working on organizing to ship packages. I received another piece of that puzzle today and got it all setup. Above are some of the new ACEO's I've been painting recently. They still need to be varnished, which might happen next week when the temperature gets into the 50's. The 50's! Can you believe it? … Continue reading Organizing

A good day

I finished the cover for 1-800-Lok8 yesterday. I'm not going to show it yet, but I do hope to have it up for preorder soon. I have a few final decisions to make with it first. As soon as I get it ready for ordering, I'll post the cover here too. Words are flying on … Continue reading A good day

A rest day

I didn't get much done today. When I had no idea where 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. went to, I decided that maybe I needed a rest day. I was awake, but I was sitting in bed looking at a sketchbook and thinking about drawing. I also tossed some tarot cards. I can't believe that … Continue reading A rest day