Close space

I bought a palace today that I didn't need. Legos got me again. I also got a baby wrap to try with Temmy, and after watching a video about how to tie a similar wrap for a pet, I tried it with her. The first time, she was confused and wanted away. Completely understandable. The … Continue reading Close space


First we had nice weather, then it got cold, rainy and snowy again. Ah, spring. But as I left for work one morning, I had the most amazing frost pattern all over my car windows. I couldn't help but to take a picture (or 2 or 10!). Here's one looking through my front window with … Continue reading Frost

Deal for you!

Over at, you can get 22% off site-wide, including custom framing by using the code SHOPGIFTS at checkout. If you order by December 17th, you'll have it by Christmas using standard shipment (per statement on their website). This means that you can get all sorts of art at great prices. You're walls called -- … Continue reading Deal for you!