Reset, reset

The reset didn’t happen today as hoped, and the reasons are numerous. But another day might be helpful anyway. And again, there are numerous reasons for this. I have a lot to do to find my way again. I might not be ready to pick up my pack again, but obviously that moment is not … Continue reading Reset, reset

So close

I thought I'd be finishing with the 2nd book in the trilogy this week, probably Sunday. Now, I kind of wonder if I'll actually make that deadline. Woosh! I can almost hear it now. No, it's not really as bad as it seems. I still could finish on Sunday. Part of it depends on what … Continue reading So close

Wet sock

Spent time today writing and painting. I wish I could have done more. Truth be told, I've discovered a toxic voice in my life. I realized it two weeks ago. It's got me a little disheartened at the moment. There's nothing like finding someone you trust suddenly telling you in snippy little ways that you're … Continue reading Wet sock