Post #500

Yep, tonight is my 500th daily post. Woo hoo! My wrist is a bit sore tonight because I’ve done a bit of drawing this evening. I’ve been practicing lots, trying to get back into habit since I want to get restarted on my webcomic this next year, as well as finishing out more of my … Continue reading Post #500

Being so close

I have a couple more steps before I'm done with my secret project. Once again, I've spent all day working on while binge watching The Handmaid's Tale. I did watch an episode of Castle today while having dinner. I swear, that is a show that has made me cry more times than any other. I … Continue reading Being so close


I've been binge watching The Handmaid's Tale today while doing laundry, painting, and drawing today. I thought I was going to finish up on my project today, but I decided to do more with it. There are still a couple final things to do, but that will come. Yet, I feel my time running out. … Continue reading Lateness