A good evening

I made a pot of spaghetti sauce today with fresh tomatoes and herbs from my garden. Pretty good. Especially with the zucchini I had as a side dish. Now, I've been binging Castle. I'm loving this show almost as much as I enjoyed Lucifer. It almost made me forget to write a blog tonight. (grin) … Continue reading A good evening

Petty injury

Back in junior high, I played volleyball. Now, please don't think that I was all athletic or anything. The only thing I was really ever good at was swimming and even that I really had to work for. Anyway, one day I went to hit the ball and jammed the joint in my middle finger. … Continue reading Petty injury

Art Matters

Two books I ordered came in today. I love it when books arrive. Hmmm, you couldn't imagine that, could you? (grin) One of them was Art Matters by Neil Gaiman. Since I'd been watching Lucifer and The Sandman, when I discovered this book a couple of weekends ago, I had to order it. I'm excited … Continue reading Art Matters

365 Days

Today marks one year of me writing a post every single day. Some days I've come close to missing, but I've made it. 365 posts. 1 year. Every day. Keeping a daily blog is a lot of work. I've been asking myself the last couple of days if I want to continue after I crossed … Continue reading 365 Days