The end

Those are words I don’t often write.Today, it feels kind of right. January is over. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. At the moment, I don’t have energy to write more. I’m hoping I can get recharged by tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be warmer too. We’re in single digits right now. That means … Continue reading The end


Sorry. I am too stressed to write a blog post today. If anything, please send blessings that tomorrow rectified what was going on today quickly and that I can move beyond this moment. Thank you. Cheers!


Family has been over. Games were played. Dinner enjoyed. I’m tired now. It’s been a day off without doing anything really creative, nearly two days actually (I did get audio work done yesterday morning). Now I’m ready for sleep and to get back to it tomorrow. I’m at a point where I need to get … Continue reading Ready

Paw prints

I got out early and did some more shopping. When I got home, the cute little paw prints you see in the picture above were on my porch. It’s not from one of my cats. I do think Bella was outside while I’d gone shopping, but her feet are a bit larger than this. If … Continue reading Paw prints

Getting ready

I spent part of the day getting ready for the holiday. My youngest son came home for the weekend and we’re all getting together on Sunday. But leave it to me to get ready at the last moment. That’s my life. My boys used to hate it when I’d get ready for a show because … Continue reading Getting ready


I started off the day editing audio, working on the first chapter of Help Wanted, Call Loki. I’d been hoping to get into the booth today, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I had a day off shredding and organizing. I had a few things to catch up on too after my week … Continue reading Life