Snowy Sunday

Foirgive me if there's typos tonight. Temmy is sleeping on my shoulder and I'm holding her in place, so typing with one hand. It snowed last night more than I thought it would. Here's a couple picture. The first couple were taken without extra lighting because it was so bright. I didn't even need my … Continue reading Snowy Sunday

Paw prints

I got out early and did some more shopping. When I got home, the cute little paw prints you see in the picture above were on my porch. It’s not from one of my cats. I do think Bella was outside while I’d gone shopping, but her feet are a bit larger than this. If … Continue reading Paw prints

Broken wiper

Snow today. My wiper slipped off my sleigh and I had to fix it. Fortunately, I didn't go sledding. More snow coming in to make it a winter wonderland. Okay, well, it is snowing again. I'm ready to go curl up with a book. Cheers.

More writing

I've spent the day writing. I'm really not sure if I like this idea of not logging words daily. Yes, I do feel like I've gotten more done, but since I don't have most to show for it at the moment, it's almost like a weird limbo. I'm contemplating keeping track of pages finished, but … Continue reading More writing