Speech time

I laugh at WordPress' prompt for today: have you ever performed on stage or given a speech. Strangely enough, tomorrow I am giving a talk about writing. I just finished preparing my notes. I even got some pictures put together. It's like I'm on top of this or something. No, really, I just get to … Continue reading Speech time


Left base camp to head to the underground fortress. Emerged to have lunch prepared by leprechauns - I found them today. Then I returned to the underground fortress, but had no luck finding treasure. It always bums me out when that happens! I so wanted to be victorious. Then it was off to fuel my … Continue reading Treats

Preview page

I have now set up a story preview page. Currently, it is over on the right hand sidebar listed with my other pages and titled Story Previews. Right now, only Dragons of Wellsdeep is up, and it has the prologue and chapter 1 available to be read. I'll get more book previews up in the … Continue reading Preview page